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Wedding Coordinator

Meet our Wedding Coordinator Mr. Greg Garrison.

From the moment you walk through our door at Fred Astaire Dance Studio of Milwaukee, your wedding becomes our top priority.


As you begin with your personalized consultation, you will be given the opportunity to get to know our Fred Astaire family while we begin arranging the path to your first dance.

We will begin by either choosing a dance or finding a style that is most specific to the song you have in mind. If you have not chosen a song yet, that is ok, our Wedding Coordinator can help with ideas to finding that perfect song.

After listening to the song for your special moment, you will be given a qualified instructor that will take you step-by-step in preparation for your wedding day. Throughout your time with us, Mr. Greg Garrison will be actively involved in the learning process in order to make sure you are fully prepared and ready for your special day.

Custom Wedding Music

Popular wedding songs tend to be about 5 minutes long, however, we recommend a length of 2 to 3 minutes. Our Wedding Coordinator will custom edit any piece of music you provide to coordinate with your special day and moment.

Not interested in the traditional first dance? If your tastes are more creative, our Wedding Coordinator can custom mix any songs you may choose. He will provide you with a seamless copy of your personal mix with no limitations. Imagination strongly encouraged!

  • Did You Know...

    We provide complimentary reception consultation with our wedding packages

    Get Lessons for Your Wedding Party
  • Did You Know...

    Fred Astaire's first dance partner was his sister, Adele Astaire.