Events to keep your toes tapping


Show the World You Can Dance

For those with a competitive streak, dance competitions are your chance to prove just what you're made of. Beginner, intermediate or floor-burning expert, strut your stuff at an upcoming competition.

Regional Competitions

At our regional competitions, students from the Greater Milwaukee area, can take part in a local competition to show off their dancing skills. At these events, students meet, mingle and develop lifelong friendships with other students that share the same love for dancing. Participating in competitions gives every student the opportunity to progress much more rapidly in their dance skills and levels than just private ballroom dance lessons. If competing doesn’t seem like something that would interest you, don’t worry; each of these local events have a social dance ball to finish off the event in a fun-filled way!

National Competitions

These events take our regional competitions and build them to a much greater scale. Often, these take place in exciting places like, Chicago, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico and Orlando. Each event has a new surprise in store for the attendees. Don’t worry about spending too much time in the ballroom, the schedule at our National Competitions allow for plenty of excursions and non-dance related events. If you plan on attending one of these prestigious events, prepare to have the time of your life.

Show Dance Events

Periodically throughout the year we have special show dance performances held at various locations throughout the Greater Milwaukee area. Show dances are another great addition to regular private ballroom dance lessons. Special choreography is incorporated into solo or group routines to suit each student’s ability and interest. Show dances also provide a little added excitement. Performing at one of our many show dances is something our students and teachers remember for years to come.

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    Fred Astaire's first dance partner was his sister, Adele Astaire.